• Privacy Policy

    by Published on 12th December 2015 01:42

    There is a very simple data collection policy here and that is to not ask for any at all unless it's required for the basic forum features to work correctly.

    To this end as much as it is possible (see note below regards early access restrictions) the site is open for use without any need to register and make an account. The only exceptions are to use the forums beyond the Guest section, the live chat and if you wish to upload mods.

    In this case all the data you enter goes into the database and from there, to the very best of my knowledge, is accessed only by the forum and chat software to make sure your posts and PM's end up where they should and beyond that your data is ignored and left alone

    I'm the sole owner of The Grim Compendium, everything is paid for in advance by me and the site generates zero income in any way, shape or form. This means no adverts anywhere, no data is sold or given even for analytical purposes, even google analytics is disabled on here. Though with the current situation of GCHQ over here, NSA over there and probably every other alphabet agency in the world that can, snooping on everything they can, I'm probably about the only person that isn't tracking and analysing you.

    Note - Early Access Restrictions

    During early access (and possibly for a short time after release, not sure) certain sections of the site are closed to general viewing as allowing open access to modding info is not going to happen on here until Crate give the official OK for modding in the game.