• Release - Modding & What comes now ?

    I think I can safely start off by saying that Grim Dawn being released from Early Access is not exactly news to anyone here at all by now.

    Continuing with the theme of no news, there's an old saying of "No news is Good news" which I hope is appropriate at the moment, as apart from the Bug thread replies, Crate have been quite quiet the last couple of days and there's been no sudden hotfixes to test on the test centre. So I'm hoping this means things are going "as to be expected" after a good release and they are getting a bit of time to get their breath back. I've asked and as expected they have requested that the closed sections stay this way until most probably when the modding tools are released, which again is all going to original sort of plans.

    The Mod & Files section is now fully open and 420WeedWizerd is working on the update to their Stash Manager which will have the honour of being the first Modding Tool to be availble

    Actually a bit of news at last. I've just got permission off Sandcaster to use some of his artwork in a new gallery to be called "The Time of the Signs" consisting, not surprisingly, of all the new signs from around Grim Dawn.

    I'm sure there was something else, but it's slipped away for the moment.The forum is getting a bit of a tidy up and various old and/or obsolete threads are going to visit the virtual dustbin over the next couple of day.